How do I get my command block to test for a birch log in 1.8? What are the new item names?

I have already tried names like "birch_log", "17:2", "log:2" and so on. Google is against me on this as well.

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    Those sounds like the right sort of things to be searching for, are you sure the rest of your command is correct? – DBS Oct 16 '14 at 19:50
/testforblock x y z minecraft:log 2

2 for facing up/down, 6 for facing east/west, 10 for facing north/south, 14 for with only bark.


Minecraft 1.13 removed the concept of data values, making commands like this much simpler:

/execute if block x y z minecraft:birch_log

(/testforblock was merged into /execute)

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