So, I recently did the Lester Assassination mission #2, the jury one. I remembered to invest in Debonaire, but whilst waiting to get the ROI, I accidentally kicked my PS3's Off button.

When I loaded back in, the game remembered my quick save whilst waiting for the Debonaire market, but after 8 in-game hours, there was no move whatsoever. Even advancing the game clock didn't work... How can I fix this problem?


it takes 2-3 days for the stocks to move higher and to pass time just sleep In the game. P.S. doesn't work on Weekends in game days.

  • Lester #1: [BET] 80% ^
  • Lester #2: [DEB] sold at 80% ^, (RWC) sold at 300% ^
  • Lester #3: [FRT] sold at 50% ^
  • Lester #4: [VAP] sold at 100% ^
  • Lester #5: [GCD] sold at 80% ^
  • Tinkle investment: [TNK] sold at 30%

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