As most are probably aware, Team Fortress 2 has a ton of achievements, most of which are seemingly unrelated to each other. But I've been curious about this for a long time.

If I was a new player, what is one action I could perform that would net the most amount of achievements instantly?

For example, I came up with that if I was a spy, disguised as a medic, who killed that medic (who was healing me) with a backstab while he had an Ubercharge ready and also got Revenge on him at the same time, I would get the Achievements "Dr. Nooooo", "FYI I am a Spy", "Come in from the Cold", "Identity Theft", and "Insurance Fraud", all at the same time. Is there anything else more advanced than this?


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The Soldier can put together a pretty good chunk - though as you might expect, it's rather difficult to set up:

  • Be on a server where Halloween mode is on for any reason.
  • The map is Dustbowl or Gravel Pit.
  • Have a crowd of enemies:
    1. A Pyro, who:
      • Reflected one of your rockets recently, and
      • has set you on fire
    2. A Demoman,
      • Wearing a Gibus
      • and Pyrovision Goggles
      • whom you're one kill away from dominating
    3. A Sniper
      • with a Balloonicorn
      • who's dominating you
    4. A Spy, who:
      • just stabbed one of your teammates
      • is disguised as you
    5. A fifth enemy, with 270 health or less.
  • These enemies are all capping the first point during overtime.
  • These enemies have all recently damaged the Medic healing you.


  1. The Medic pops Kritz on you
  2. You fire a crit rocket
  3. The Sniper kills you
  4. Your crocket kills all of your enemies, which wins your team the game.

As a result of this action you claim:

  • Your 1000th Soldier kill
  • 500th Demoman kill
  • 79th Balloonicorn-owner kill
  • 30th point defense
  • 20th kill while on fire
  • 20th game win
  • 10th top-3 score for MVP
  • 5th revenge kill
  • 1st domination on people wearing:
    1. A Gibus
    2. Pyrovison Goggles
  • 1st time ever completing a full round on either one of Dustbowl/Gravel Pit (having now played full rounds on all of 2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and cp_Well).

By doing this, you get the following achievements:

  • A Fresh Pair of Eyes
  • Backdraft Dodger
  • Costume Contest
  • Dynasty
  • Frags of our Fathers
  • Ghastly Gibus Grab
  • Hamburger Hill
  • Impenetrable Defense or Impossible Defense (depends on map)
  • Medals of Honor
  • Mutually Assured Destruction
  • Nemesis
  • Out, Damned Scot!
  • Semper Fry
  • *S*M*A*S*H*
  • The Great Deflate
  • Tri-Splatteral Damage
  • War Crime and Punishment
  • War Crime Spybunal
  • World Traveler
  • One (if not two!) of the Soldier milestone achivements

This gives you a total of 19+2.

  • Damn, 21, nice! That's definitely way more than what I had.
    – childe
    Oct 24, 2014 at 19:40
  • The concept and bundling is majestic.
    – Xrylite
    Oct 24, 2014 at 23:57
  • If you've previously killed a few people in the same life, and have never gone more than 4 kills without dying up that point, you could also fit in Hard to Kill.
    – user3490
    Oct 25, 2014 at 15:58
  • On reflection, you could also fit in Riftwalker, by teleporting to the point, and Hardcore, I think, if you only ever played as Soldier, so that your 1000th kill as Solder is your 1000th overall.
    – user3490
    Oct 25, 2014 at 16:03

I think I've found another one:

You are a Spy disguised as an enemy Spy backstabbing that same Spy who is

  • On your friends list
  • Has his revolver out
  • Is dominating 3 of your teammates
  • Is also disguised as a Spy
  • Is equipping the Balloonicorn and is your 79th Balloonicorn victim

You get Revenge on that Spy and get your 1000th stab on top of a Control Point that just became available because the other spy captured it while being healed by a medic and you being covered in Jarate and after having that enemy spy trigger your Dead Ringer and you exiting a teleporter and having 4 prior spy achievements, and this kill is your 5th kill in a row without dying, gives you:

  • Come in from the Cold (revenge)
  • High Value Target (stab someone with 3 dominations)
  • Spymaster (1000 stabs)
  • Agent Provacateur (stab 10 friends)
  • Identity Theft (stab the guy you are disguised as)
  • A Cut Above (kill a revolver-wielding spy with your knife)
  • Insurance Fraud (get a backstab while an enemy medic heals you)
  • Sleeps Agent (kill the guy that triggered your DR within 20 seconds)
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Surface (start capping a point as soon as it becomes available)
  • Counter Espionage (backstab a disguised spy)
  • Wetwork (kill someone while jarated)
  • Point Breaker
  • Milestone 1
  • Milestone 2
  • Milestone 3
  • Costume Contest (kill a spy disguised as your current class)
  • Nemesis (5 revenge kills)
  • Riftwalker (get a kill shortly after exiting a tele)
  • Hard to kill (5 kills in a row without dying)
  • Hardcore (get 1000 total kills)
  • The great deflate (kill 79 people with balloonicorns)

Total achievements from 1 stab: 21 achievements


Apparently 25 is possible as Sniper, courtesy of Reddit:


You must have exactly:

  • 4 Sniper achievements
  • 999 kills (all Sniper)
  • 1 prior Domination
  • 78 Balloonicorn kills
  • 24 parachute headshots
  • 9 Sniper headshots
  • 4 prior Revenge kills


  • Pyrovision goggles
  • The Machina
  • The Razorback

Action time!

  1. Take a teleporter
  2. Take a fully-charged shot
  3. Your fully charged shot must kill all of the following:
    • A sniper,
      • Whom you've killed 3 times
      • Who is wearing
        • Pyrovision
        • A Balloonicorn
    • A Spy,
      • Who recently tried to backstab you
      • who is now cloaked
    • A second Spy who just uncloaked
    • A Demoman
      • Who is parachuting with the Base Jumper, following a sticky jump
      • With a headshot
    • A second Demoman
      • Who is charging towards you
      • Who is also dominating you
    • A Medic
      • With full Uber
    • A Scout
      • During a double-jump
    • A sentry gun
  4. Taunt (well, who wouldn't after all that?)

Sniper-specific Achievements

  • Australian Rules
  • Be Efficient
  • De-sentry-lized
  • Dropped Dead
  • Flight Cancelled
  • Jumper Stumper
  • Kill Everyone You Meet
  • Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad
  • Parting Shot
  • Self-destruct Sequence
  • Shock Treatment
  • Shoot the Breeze
  • Socket to Him
  • The Last Wave
  • Triple Prey
  • Überectomy
  • Sniper Milestone 1

General achievements

  • Nemesis
  • Riftwalker
  • The Great Deflate
  • Hardcore
  • Hard to Kill
  • Emergency Brake
  • BFF²
  • A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Total: 25 achievements

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