I bought Narcissa assuming I could use her to unlock dark magic bonuses in the game, but when I cast at those areas, nothing happens, and a message comes up telling me I need to know dark magic. It makes no sense to me that she wouldn't be a dark witch.

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Even within the Harry Potter universe, there are reasons to believe that just because someone is bad or not nice, they are not necessarily a dark wizard.

Regardless, in this game, Narcissa is not a dark wizard and cannot be used to unlock any of the dark magic sections of the game. The earliest available dark wizard is Bellatrix, available in Year 7, part 2.

  • Ok, thanks. I knew about Bellatrix but didn't have enough coins to get her yet, so I was hoping Narcissa would work. It's a bit weird also, Snape was a dark wizard in years 1-4 but not 5-7. So I don't think it's necessary consistent.
    – Samantha
    Oct 29, 2014 at 15:54

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