In Civilization: Beyond Earth, a number of perks that can be selected when upgrading unit types (e.g. Sentinel, Destroyer, possibly others) read as follows:

+10% per unused >>Movement

What does this mean? Which stat gains 10%?


If there's nothing stated, then it's about damage.

For example, take a look at my Needlejet stats:

Needlejet stats

It doesn't specifically mention "damage" to keep the lines shorter without omitting any necessary details.

If some upgrade isn't about damage, then it's clearly mentioned. In this example there's the "+1 Range" bonus.

To get back to your actual example:

"+10% per unused >> Movement" essentially means that your unit will do more damage if you attack before moving it. For example, if your unit is able to move 2 tiles (unmodified), then it will do 20% more damage. Move 1 tile first and the bonus drops to 10%.

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