I was playing on my main save, looking for Daedric artifacts to get and realized I was missing the Ring of Hircine. My problem is when I went to the barracks in Falkreath, the guy (Sinding) was already in his wolf form and when I tried to talk to him, he wouldn't say anything.

When I spoke to the guard he said he knew I had something to to do with Sinding's escape, even though I never even played the quest on this save before (I've done it on another save). I've checked my completed quest twice and I don't know what's wrong? How can I start or advance the quest at this point?


I beleive that though this quest is usually started by speaking to Sinding in jail, this quest may be able to be started in other ways:

  • One of the villagers Mathies explains that Sinding killed his daughter while he was in werewolf form, and the reason he was in Falkreath was because he was looking for a great white stag outside the village (Hircine).
    • You may also randomly find a large white stag outside the village of Falkreath naturally - killing him should also start the quest
  • Fast travel away from Falkreath (Perhaps to Winterhold or Windhelm) and wait a week (in game). Go back and this should (hopfully) have reset the quest.

Unfortunately the wiki is not much help, as all it states for this case is:

Sometimes going directly to the jail in trying to start the quest by talking to Sinding, may result in finding him in werewolf form and unable to talk leaving the quest unstartable and uncompletable.

AS I have never played on PC myself, I don't know of any console commands that you might be able to use.

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I believe this is actually something to do with having completed the quest. If by "in another save" you mean you have two separate saves; one with the quest completed, another without, are you saying the save without the quest completed has the werewolf in the cell?

Well anyway, here's some news that'll take the edge off: you can actually get both the Ring of Hircine, and the Saviour's Hide in one save, due to this quest being bugged.

It is possible to obtain both of these rewards using one of a number of similar exploits:

  • PC/360/PS3 Kill all the hunters, speak to Sinding, go outside the grotto and claim the Ring of Hircine, then go back in and kill Sinding to get his skin. The spirit will reappear from Sinding's corpse and offer the Savior's Hide.
  • PC/360/PS3 If the above doesn't work, kill and skin Sinding immediately after killing the hunters and talking to him. As soon as the Hircine spirit appears, back out of the conversation and run out of the grotto where the White Stag spirit will appear and bless the ring to break the curse. Return to the grotto and resume conversation with the Hircine spirit to receive the Savior's Hide.
  • PC A further way that can work to receive both rewards (if the first method results in not being able to skin Sinding upon return and the second method results in a non-speaking Aspect of Hircine in the grotto upon return) is to kill the hunters, kill Sinding near the exit, complete the conversation quickly to claim the Savior's Hide and then sprint to the exit to claim the Ring outside.
  • PC/PS3/360 Leave the grotto along with Sinding after killing the hunters. When the Stag spirit appears, back out of the conversation and kill Sinding, then skin him and speak with the spirit emerging from his corpse for the Savior's Hide. Speak to the Stag spirit again for the ring.
  • PS3 A fourth way to obtain both the ring and the hide, if you originally obtained the ring, is to return to the grotto at any time in the game. Upon entering the main area you will see Sinding in werewolf form. Killing this version of Sinding will only result in obtaining ragged trousers. However, if you follow the trail through the grotto, as you did on the original hunt, you will find yourself on a ledge overlooking the main entrance area with a second version of Sinding--one on the ledge with you, and another below. If you kill the second version of Sinding you receive the option to skin him, causing the aspect of Hircine to appear and convert the skin into the Savior's Hide.
  • PS3/360 After completing the quest to obtain the Ring of Hircine (killing the Hunters and sparing Sinding) you can sometimes find Sinding back in the jail cell in werewolf form. I RECOMMEND SAVING BEFORE CONTINUING AT THIS POINT. With some careful positioning and good timing, and a hell of a lot of good luck, you can kill Sinding the cell, and then upon inspecting the corpse, the option to skin him will become available, and then the Spirit of Hircine will appear in the from of Sinding, and offer you the Hide.
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