Does anyone know what the new effects are? I also heard there are 2 new effects for taunts.

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Here are the Unusual effects for hats and taunts in Scream Fortress 2014.

Hats, from left to right: Amaranthine, Bonzo the All-Gnawing, Haunted Phantasm Jr, Ghastly Ghosts Jr, Stare From Beyond, The Ooze.

Amaranthine Unusual effect Bonzo The All-Gnawing Unusual effect Haunted Phantasm Jr Unusual effect Ghastly Ghosts Jr Unusual effect Stare From Beyond Unusual effect The Ooze Unusual effect

Taunts: Ghastly Ghosts, Haunted Phantasm.

Ghastly Ghosts Unusual effect Haunted Phantasm Unusual effect

(There's a chance that the taunt effects and their Jr hat variants may have been mixed up on the wiki, by the looks of it.)

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