I have a PSP GO, which runs on offical firmware 6.20. Lately, I have been facing issues regarding game installation. Other file types work for my PSP (e.g., Videos, Photos and Music), but games don't work however.

I tried placing both the iso and the cso, but the game shows it is corrupted everytime


The issue here is that you are using official firmware

Official firmware blocks the use of installing games by placing the ISO or CSO into your PSP's directory. The only way to fix that is through the use of custom firmware

So which do I install then?

As ythe version of your PSP is 6.20, I would recommend you install the 6.20 ME-1.9. That is the most up-to-date version of the CFW produced by ME. Please note, make sure to read the instructions very carefully, and see if your model is supported. If not, this could potentially lead to your PSP bricking, rendering it useless.

Link to their website

But wait...

If you can, however, I would strongly recomend that you instal the official 6.60 firmware, then installing the 6.60 ME custom firmware. This way, you can get the most up-do-date version of ME that supports the features introduced to 6.60

Link to their website

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