How do i get loyalty reward? Do i need to have both savegame or i just need 1 savegame to get loyalty reward? Right now i just has borderlands 1 savegame Is there any different reward from BL 1 or 2 save game ?


The rewards depend on what kind and how many previous games you have.

If you have a borderlands 1 savestate, you get a special weapon and a special skin, also a bunch of moonstones. With a borderlands 2 savestate, you can be happy about a special weapon, another special skin, a few moonstones and badass points. When you got both, you get everything, plus even more moonstones.

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  • Does the save state need to be from a particular part of the game? Like "you need to have finished the game"? or could you even have a save state where you just entered claptrap's cave in BL2? – Nzall Oct 31 '14 at 9:18
  • Thanks for amswering my question. I just found my BL 2 savegame. And i just about to copy to my documents so BL Pre Sequel can detect. But its possible to get bonus if i played the game almost half the story? Or d i need to do new game? And sorry for my english :) – Laurance Baskoro Oct 31 '14 at 9:37

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