I want to use a mod for Company of Heroes (specifically Modern Combat) and am not sure how to install and use a mod on the Mac version of Company of Heroes. It is not a Steam game, it is downloaded from the Mac app store. So, is it possible to mod CoH on the Mac, and if so, how does one do it?


I have also tried copying all the files (BattleOfCrete.module, etc.) from the Battle of Crete mod and renaming them to the existing files (RelicCOH.module, etc.). This causes the game to load with the mod's features, but as soon as I start a skirmish, I get a fatal AI error.


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As far as I have seen, modding on any games from the Mac app store do not succeed. I could be wrong about this game, though I have tried modding multiple other Mac app store games with no success.

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