After killing the first boss i have looted my first "Relic", but i can't figure out what's it effect. It appears on my menu, but there's no "hover" tooltip or something.

Fire Dagger or something


Relics are items that will help improve your game-play in some way. They are the games take on upgrades.

There are four kinds of relics:

1. Weapon Enhancements: These are Relics that give your weapons extra powers.

2. Passive: These are Relics that improve your characters skills.

3. Active: These are Relics that need activation, therefore you can only hold one. After usage the Relic will have a cooldown before it can be used again.

4. Orbiting: These are Relics that are visible in game, and will float around you. They will help during the fight, damaging enemies or protecting you from hits.

Your relic is a passive relic, called the golden dagger, and gives +40 Swiftness.


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