In the Dawnguard quest A New Order, Sorine had a quest marker but Gunmar does not; I can't find him. How can I get access to the Vale and get Auriel's Bow without doing the quest? Could someone give me an idea as to where I can find him?

I'm playing Skyrim - Legendary Edition on the Xbox 360.


As you're playing the Legendary Edition you have all of the DLC, including Dragonborn. As such, you should be able to find Gunmar in one of the following locations:

In the Skyrim overworld:

  • Fallowstone Cave
  • Brood Cavern
  • Crystaldrift Cave
  • Bonechill Passage
  • Clearspring Tarn
  • Cronvangr Cave
  • Honeystrand Cave
  • Pinepeak Cavern

Or in the Solstheim overworld:

  • Northshore Landing
  • Horker Island

(source: TES Wiki's Gunmar page)

If you can't find a map marker for him in the Skyrim overworld, he's probably at one of the two locations in Solstheim.


I found him at Gyldenhul Barrow in Solstheim.

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