How do I use photo mode offline in NFS Hot Pursuit 2010?

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Since the TocaEdit link doesn't work, go to Racer_S's alternative section. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4lfqq0DpUo-UG5ZX2NZZ21xTEE&usp=sharing&tid=0B4lfqq0DpUo-WGV0OVVTS1Z0LVk#list


This method simulates photo mode while offline

  • Download NFS Hot Pursuit Camera Hack.

  • Press Esc on at the moment you like to take picture.

  • Press Num 7 to hide pause menu

  • Use Num + and Num - to move camera in any direction

  • Press right shift to speed up camera

  • Then use FRAPS or any other software to take screen shots.

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