I've challenged the Pumpkin Moon about 20 times now. Each time I get to Wave 10 and I have never once gotten Morning Wood or Pumpking trophies. So, can they only drop them during Wave 15?

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You just got unlucky.

There is a 10 % chance for a boss mob to drop a trophy , until the 15th wave of the Pumpkin Moon Event. If it is the 15th wave, if you successfully kill Pumpking, or Mourning Wood you will have a 100 % chance of obtaining the trophy.


1. Since your going for the trophies, try focusing on hitting the Pumpking and Mourning Wood during the later waves. Don't waste your time anywhere else.

2. If your still dying at wave 15, upgrade your gear and try to get the best load-out for your class. Make sure your health is at 500, you have all the required class accessories, and your weapons are the best you can get.

A list of class setups can be found here.

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The wiki mentions that the drop is 100% at wave 15, however it has a 10% chance to drop at other times. So it is quite uncommon, but it can drop before wave 15. Here is the reference.

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