I've heard this a few times in Guild Wars 2, usually in the context of a PvP or WvW match.

Someone will be complaining that

There was too much goating in that match


That guy is a professional goat

What does it mean?


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It's something I rarely hear, but associated with multiplayer online games (especially PvP in with objectives) it usually means scapegoating.

Now I haven't played a lot of GW2 but in WoW PvP or LoL matches you sometimes accuse someone of goating if he blames another teammate or his internet connection.

For the term "He's a professional goat"... well I've never heard that to be honest but I think it's someone who always blames others.


One suggestion I got from someone in-game was Greatest Of All Time

Indicating a player who was playing really well.


There was too much goating in that match

could mean there were several players in a PvP match that were untouchable.

I just can't remember what context I heard it in.

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    That was actually the full name of the guild I mentioned in my other comment :) so while their name was "greatest of all time",they did not seem to be THAT great.
    – teair
    Commented Nov 6, 2014 at 20:03

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