I've recently set up my own HomePass Relay for my Nintendo 3DS, but the only Nintendo Zone MAC addresses I've found online seem to be from German hotspots.
I have now completed the whole Germany, so it will be nice to complete other countries.

Does anybody know any American or Japanese Nintendo Zone MAC address for HomePass?


Here's a link to a GoogleDocs list of MACS from the gbaTemp forum. If you download it, it should help.

Sorry I can't help more than that, but I haven't figured out how to homepass myself yet. All I can do is give links. ;-_-;

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  • I have this list too, but I don't know why I can use only the addresses in the first tab. It seems that Windows doesn't allow me to use a MAC address that starts with 00. – pinckerman Nov 29 '14 at 12:19

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