I like to play Rumble and one thing I do out of instinct is overheating at the turret (after killing the other toplaner) and auto-attack it while overheated for the bonus AD.

It makes me slightly vulnerable there under turret.

But do Rumbles overheated auto-attacks really affect structures(I can't really tell from looking at the screen)? Or do they only work on minions/champions?

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No, Rumbles abilities don't affect the damage dealt to structures.

They damage dealt to turrets is calculated is a special way:

Damage to a turret is based on your base attack damage plus the higher of your bonus attack damage or 40% of your ability power. It is not affected by any kind of armor or magic penetration

There are some abilities that deal bonus damage to turrets, Rumble is not in that list.

read this answer for additional information why you should not overheat when attacking a turret.


No, the turrets will not be affected.

Also a thing to note: You don't gain bonus AD. Overheating is an on-hit effect that scales off with 25% of your AP and your level while dealing magic damage (not physical). You should only use the overheating if you can win a melee trade against another champion or if you want more damage on your auto attacks if jungling or farming. Using it while pushing a turret is more or less counterproductive since it silences you and resets your heat meter which basically puts you in a bad spot if you're getting ganked.

Rumble was released in a time where damaging a turret with spells or on-hit effects was an extremely rare ability and they didn't rework his passive since.

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