My current PS3 HDD (1TB) is near capacity thanks to PS Plus IGC and several sales over the years. What's the largest capacity hard disk I can buy that will work with a PS3? I know there are certain restrictions as far as the height and width of the drive. On my PS4, I bought a 2TB hard disk and installed it successfully. I'd like to upgrade to the same HDD I installed on my PS4, but Googling and reading some forum posts; it seems the PS3 can't handle more then 1TB; though I have some read some reports of success with 1.5TB drives. Anybody have experience with installing a 1TB+ hdd on there PS3? Is it possible?


Theoretically it is possible. In reality, it might be very difficult.

It does not matter how much data your HDD can store. Your PS3 can technically support a 10 terabyte hard drive, but under some certain restrictions, it's not really possible.

You can't let the Hard Drive have any more than 9.5mm, or else it won't work. I have never seen a 1+ terabyte Hard Drive that would do the job, but it may be possible.


  • it just takes a 2.5 hdd, a laptop hdd.....the standard size – Dupree3 Oct 9 '15 at 18:15

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