I finished the first story play through in Arkham Origins and was moving along in New Game Plus when, after retrieving the Disruptor from the GCPD, I come out of the morgue and end up as Batman in Space:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, at this point the game decides to save so my checkpoint is hosed.

Is there any way to fix this corrupted save? Or is there any way to delete just the progress in New Game Plus and start it over (without losing all my progress from the initial playthrough)?

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I ran into a similar problem at a different point in the game.

On a Steam forum, someone recommended doing the following, and it worked for me.

  • Load the game, but instead of continuing the story, choose to do one of the challenges with Deathstroke (I'm not sure if it matters or not, but it's what he recommended, and it's what I did).
  • After completing the challenge, go back and choose to continue the story.
  • At this point, the same problem might still be occurring (it was for me), BUT if you pause, and choose to restart at the last checkpoint, it clears up.
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