I just bought the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel set for Wii U. There are two slots for character toys on the base, and 2-player split screen play is easy to set up.

However, the box has a Wii Remote icon with a number "4" in it, and includes the text "1-4 player (2-4 online)". This seems to imply that the game should support 4-player local play. However, if this is possible, I haven't figured out how to do it. Is the box wrong about supporting 4 Wii Remotes?

  • I can't find a screenshot of the back of the box to see exactly what it says. JamesB - any chance you could post a picture to imgur or similar? – Adam V Aug 6 '15 at 20:07
  • I uploaded two pics that clearly show 4 player support advertised. Still pissed about this! – James B Aug 8 '15 at 16:11

According to Co-Optimus, Disney Infinity 2.0 only supports 2 players for local co-op. This is the same for all the consoles and the PC.

  • Any idea what they might mean by the Wii Remote icon with the "4" on it, then? I've seen some Wii games where the "real" game only has 1 or 2 player support and additional players are only supported in some kind of minigame, but this appears to be a flat-out lie. – James B Nov 11 '14 at 22:38
  • Is this true for 3.0? We got 3.0 and now have two base stations, but it doesn't seem to want to recognize characters on both of them... – Michael Dec 26 '15 at 22:31

I thought I read somewhere that 4 players was possible by having 2 on each console and playing online?

Presumably that's impossible now with the servers offline...?

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