I'm playing through Dragon Age: Awakening, and I'd like to maximize my trophy collection while minimizing my play-throughs.

Is it possible to get all the trophies in one play-through? Are there any gotchas, things to watch out for, or save points I should be aware of?

To give a few examples from Dragon Age: Origins of the type of things I'm thinking of:

  • Saving before each mutually-exclusive "faction" decision can allow you to get the trophies for each choice
  • Three strategic save points at the end of the game allows you to get the Perfectionist trophy and all of the ending trophies with only an hour of backtrack.

Might as well answer my own question. All trophies are easily gotten by completing the main story line, except for the following:


The Enduring Vigil: Make sure you get the Silverite Ore while at the Silverite Mine, as you can't return to it later.

Mutually Exclusive:

Amaranthine's Last Hope and Keeper of the Vigil: Make sure to save when the Darkspawn invade Amaranthine so you can get one trophy, then reload to get the other.

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