So the game is new but one thing that really annoys me is the message that pops up on the right of the screen telling me that I have unspent Sync Points!

It's really annoying and I'm just trying to save them to level up certain skills.

This wouldn't be an issue if it didn't hover over a lot of interesting information and sometimes mission information!

I've scoured the menus and haven't found an option to do so.

Does anyone know how to turn these messages off?


Go to HUD Settings

Turn off Tips

And those messages will disappear.

  • This didn't work for me. I turned off Tutorials as I didn't have a Tips item
    – David Yell
    Nov 15 '14 at 1:52

I think if you turn off Tips in the HUD Settings it should stop coming up.


Glad I'm not the only one it bugs. To expand on others' answers, Menu > Options > HUD Options and turn off UPDATES. Unfortunately this turns off all updates.

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