I haven't been able to find anything regarding this but:
Is there any way to dress specific dwarves in specific clothing without using squads?

I would like to dress my noble in a specific clothing.

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Short answer: no, except maybe yes, except not really.

Long answer:

  • No, the game does not currently let you allocate clothes or other items that aren't rooms to specific dorfs. This is a serious pain in the tuchus when I want my miners to ditch their obsolete copper picks and use the exceptional-grade steel picks I painstakingly forged for them instead...
  • However, it is possible to abuse the military subsystem and specify a very specific uniform to a specific dorf soldier, so there's the "except maybe yes"...
  • Unfortunately, however, dorfs only respect the uniform settings when they're on military duty and will cheerfully ditch their uniform when they're off, so not really.



It may be possible to do this by restricting the dwarf to a burrow with the new clothing and issuing Dump orders on his existing clothing. Being forcibly stripped by other dwarves will probably make him unhappy.

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