I killed Mom. Not the first time, probably not the last time either, but this time I noticed a large hole in the wall, not like a secret room, but way bigger. Inside I had a choice of loot and then waves upon waves of bosses. And then more reward. It was fun.

What can I do to guarantee/increase my chances of this boss rush happening?


You need to beat Mom in The Depths / Necropolis in less than 20 minutes from the start of the run. Boss Rush will always appear if you do.

Note that it unlocks a different item/achievement for each character you beat Boss Rush with.

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  • Note that it's Mom, not Mom's Heart. – Powerlord Nov 18 '14 at 2:31
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    Oh, so that is what that timer indication is for. That would've been my next question. – Arperum Nov 18 '14 at 8:48

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