I've been looking through the mage skill tree and found the following note on a lot of skills from different mage skill trees:

enter image description here

Eldritch detonator ability: use on incapacitated foes for a combo

This does sound useful, but I didn't find any information on what "incapacitated" entails exactly and how I can actually incapacitate enemies.

Is incapacitated a specific status effect, or a general name for effects like stun that make enemies unable to act?

Which skills and other methods can I use to incapacitate enemies, so that I can use the mage skills to execute the combo?


The codex has the answer to this in the tutorial section, entry 1, status effects.

Disabled (Includes Frozen, Paralyzed, Stunned, and Asleep): The target cannot move or take any action. This effect usually has a limited duration or an action that ends it (taking damage causes a sleeping target to wake up). Note: You can hit disabled targets with abilities marked as detonators to cause devastating combo effects.

Why this is marked as disabled instead of incapacitated I don't know, but it specifically mentions detonators for it.

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