In Kittens, I need to get Time Crystals for my next technology, Chrono Physics. The Wiki says to get them by sacrificing Alicorns.

Great, I finally have the Alicorns (17 at this time). Checking the Wiki, and checking all the tabs, I do not see an option to sacrifice them. How do I sacrifice them, and get my special Time Crystals? I expected them to be under Science or Religion, but I don't see a button there to sacrifice them. Build


When you have 25 Alicorns there will be an option in the Religion tab to Sacrifice your Alicorns.

Here is the code

dojo.declare("com.nuclearunicorn.game.ui.SacrificeAlicornsBtn", com.nuclearunicorn.game.ui.ButtonModern, {

    onClick: function(){

        if (this.enabled && this.hasResources()){

    sacrifice: function(amt){
        var amt = amt || 1;
        var alicornsCount = 25 * amt;

        this.game.msg(alicornsCount + " alicorns banished. You've got " + amt + " time crystals!");
        this.game.resPool.get("timeCrystal").value += amt;

    updateVisible: function(){
        this.setVisible(this.game.resPool.get("alicorn").value >= 25);

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