I've heard you can change the Time of Day while playing the game. I would love to go collect chests in the night and such.

I've looked in some menus but I couldn't find the option to change said setting.

How can I change the Time of Day setting?


There are 4 types of Time Of Day in Assassin's Creed: Unity

You can choose between :

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Dusk
  • Night

To change the actual Time Of Day follow these instructions:

  • Pause the Game (While roaming free in Paris);
  • Go to 'Options';
  • Go to 'Game Options';
  • Right below 'Brightness' you have the 'Time of Day' setting;
  • Change it to whatever setting you want.

To see these instructions in action watch this video


  • It may not work inside restricted areas.
  • It does not work during main-missions.

Any update and I'll update this aswell.

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