Longinus is a character from FarCry 4 who is a 'converted' warlord that got shot in the head and then nurtured by Priest Maliya, who comes from the Far Cry 2 story.

Screenshot showing Longinus

Is there evidence to support that the character from Far Cry 2 is the person who shot Longinus in the head?

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That's what I'm thinking. They've subtly incorporated a few things from FC2 into FC4 like controlling how long you sleep, the tracker that Longinus gives you. When he said he was a warlord I immediately flashed back to my adventures in Africa. That game was all about blood/conflict diamonds and warring factions. I think it's very possible that our mercenary from FC2 was the one who squeezed that trigger, if not him then he had something to do with it. I always love to see small things like this that have connections to previous games that not everyone may catch.

Edit: He could be Doctor Leonid Gakumba. Just a thought. You did have to assassinate him, he could have survived.

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    When you hover over the "conflict diamond" loot item, it mentions that it came from Bowa-Seko as well.
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    Aug 16, 2015 at 19:51

Longinus was apparently baptized in the waters of Goka Falls, the same place Leon was to be killed. So it is very likely that they could be the same person.

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