I play Shaco a 3rd of my most played champs and jungling with him with ASPD runes is a no problem at all.

However, after the latest patch (where jungle items are so cool) my jungle routine kinda messed up.

Before, I could go blue > wraith > red > gank.

But now, even with blue then wolves, my HP struggles and so my damage.

Any ideas for jungle routes?


This is a cool route which definitly needs some practice.

  • With aspd runes in quints, the hp result in the vid is not much different to what I obtained, not to mention I used 27/0/3. – Randomizer Dec 2 '14 at 17:47


  1. Bot side small camp (Smite)
  2. Bot side buff (Blue Side - Red Buff, Purple side - Blue Buff)
  3. Other Buff
  4. Crab


  1. Top side main buff
  2. Hide in enemy's top side buff with boxes setup
  3. Kill enemy and take his/her buff
  4. Run away

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