During the Delta missions, you run into Deoxys but don't have a chance to save beforehand. I accidentally fainted Deoxys and failed to catch him.

Soon afterwards I went to the Mossdeep Space Center where the scientists told me Deoxys had been tracked somewhere around route 131.

I searched route 131, and even sky pillar, but I couldn't find him. My question is, where is he now?

  • Oh, and my game version is Alpha Sapphire, if that makes any difference. Sorry, forgot to add that ;) Commented Nov 30, 2014 at 18:01

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You have the beat the Pokemon League again in order to meet Deoxys! You will find him at the top of sky pillar when you defeat the league for a second time!

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When you beat the Pokemon League for the second time you will find him on top of Sky Pillar and you will have a second go at catching him.


Beat the Pokemon leagues twice, go to top of sky pillar and save than catch him

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