I have one of the early Sims 3 DVD versions that apparently did not come with a Mac installer. If I could get ahold of a Mac DVD for installation, would it be possible to use my Windows CD-key? Or do I need to buy an entirely new copy to play on my Mac?


This turned out to be my own bad... I had mistakenly remembered my DVD as being PC only, when in fact it was my Sims 2 DVD that had no Mac installer. So basically, yes, the serial works considering it's a PC/Mac combined DVD :)


Och, it's been a while. From what I remember, the CD-Key is only used to associate your EA games account with your Sims purchase, and thereafter merely does a CD-check when you want to run the game. So in theory, it should be possible.

Of course, if you already have the ability to get a hold of a Mac DVD, there's nothing wrong with trying it!

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