So, to be more precise, I want to create something like this:

-I want to enter the minecraft lobby and when I press the singleplayer and create a new world, the present map would be the same over and over like modpack such as crashlanding or skyblock.

I notice was well, if I create a chunk(s) in MCedit, and remove all the other and save the map, when I enter the save file, the game would keep the chunk i design but fill the void ones with random blocks, I wonder how can I recreate a world starting in the same spot over and over again but having certain chuncks every time I start a game and let MC fill the empty ones, adding the same custom base every time but give the random terrain of the empty chunks recreated by MC.

I would be grateful if I could have some hints/help on what to do on config files or mods that can make what I want!


What you're looking for is the world seed. In simple terms, the seed is a number that tells the game how to generate the terrain.

You have 2 options to create a world with a particular seed:

  1. Find the seed of the map you want to recreate (press F3 for debug information in-game, or use various tools to recover the seed). Create a new world, and enter this seed under "More World Options"
  2. Select a world from the single-player menu and click "Re-Create" to automatically make a new world with the same seed.
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If you want to control world generation mechanics you need to write your own mod that adds your preference and logic to a "world type" and then the world has to be generated using it.

For further information about how others have done this you can look at:

If you want to see a youtube video containing examples of these world generation mods (which is also where I found the above list) you can visit:

Minecraft - Top 5 World Generation Mods (1.7.10) - 2014

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