How do you clear 1 item from the inventory that has a custom name? What I'm trying to do is make a torch that when you hold it, it gives you Night Vision effect but after like 400 ticks or so I want the torch to run out of fuel and clear 1 torch away from the inventory, I have the potion effects (giving and taking away) working and the testfor command but how do I clear the item? this is my code I'm trying to use /clear @a torch 1 1 {display:{Name:"Special Torch"}}

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    +1 because you tried something :) Welcome to Arqade btw. – Ave Dec 2 '14 at 20:25

The syntax for clear is as following:

/clear [player] [item] [data] [maxCount] [dataTag]

Your command is as following:

/clear @a torch 1 1 {display:{Name:"Special Torch"}}

You are trying to clear (for everyone in the server) torches with a data value of 1, a max count of 1 and a name of "Special Torch".

Seeing as there are no torches with a data value of 1, try using the following:

/clear @a torch 0 1 {display:{Name:"Special Torch"}}
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  • Thank you I thought I was using syntax incorrectly it turned out I used the wrong data – Veritas025 Dec 3 '14 at 21:38

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