I am attempting to record a video ( 720px ) at 30 fps. I have recorded videos like this before without any issue, typically getting 60+ fps while recording. Today however I'm getting 7-8 fps. I have tried to restart my computer. I have even tried recording at 240px and at 10 fps video, and I still get 7-8 fps.

I check my video file and find it to have 1.28 Gb/s data-rate. If my math is correct, a 720px video should be:

1280x720 = 921600 pixels Each pixel is RGB so that's 3 bytes per pixel = 2,764,800 bytes (2.7 MB) 30 FPS = 2.7x30 = 82,944,000 MB/s 8 bits per byte so 82 Megabytes is 663.552 Megabits/s. So DxTory is writing 2x the data for the video.

When I recorded at 240px at 10 fps, the data-rate was the same, even though that would only be 73.612 Megabits/s

The result is the same regardless of the video Codec I select. Recording to rawcap instead of AVI gives me up to 18 fps instead of 8, however the same issue exists.

I can post specific information (like environment data) if requested.

Does anyone have any idea why/how this could be occurring?

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