I'm considering buying a subscription to Minecraft Realms (on PC) as a gift for somebody I know. Mojang doesn't have a gift option, and I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I was thinking I'd just buy it myself and give them access.

If I do this, will the recipient be able to turn around and invite their own friends? Can I grant them "admin" access to the server?

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No, only the person who paid for the Realm can add people (source: am op on realms) I would recommend printing out a picture like this:

Minecraft Realms logo
(source: minecraft.net)

Write on the piece of paper, explaining that you are paying for a Realms subscription. Fold the paper up, and wrap it in a box.


What you could do instead is go to EB games, or GameStop and buy a minecraft realms subscription card and give that to him.

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