In the Silverwastes map, how do I get to Drydock Grotto?

Is it even accessible yet?

I've ran around the map for a while and can't find a way in.

enter image description here

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The entrance is in one of the new Skritt tunnels that open when you defeat the bandits in the area. While doing this Living Story chapter (Seeds of Truth), it will show you where the entrance is since it is necessary for the plot.


Sorry, i mixed up the two areas. Here is your answer: In Picaroon Scratch (that cave next to the WayPoint), there is an event where you have to kill bandits. After that, a gate will open and show you stairs going down to a giant cave:Entrance Thats where the waypoint is. Profit!

  • I have downvoted this answer because I've completed Seeds of Truth and was not led to this area as part of the plot.
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  • The story takes you to an area very near the waypoint, but you can't actually get to it.
    – Daft
    Dec 14, 2014 at 17:12
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The official wiki explains how you get there:

Starting from Camp Resolve, go north-west towards Northern Shelf and then east to Picaroon Scratch. Go down the stairs along the eastern wall and then west through the cave until you reach Drydock Grotto Waypoint. If the gate at the stairs is shut, you'll have to complete Drive the bandits out of skritt territory (80) first.

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