If I fly back with a Gyrocopter to a Fast Travel location, save the game and restart it later, the Gyrocopter isn't there anymore.

Are there any other things that disappear after restarting my last saved game?

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    On a side note I've found that the gyrocopter will be removed after some missions or even just walking too far away,
    – user73272
    Commented Mar 24, 2015 at 23:03

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It appears that animals, vendors, encounters, and vehicles are generally not persistent. Some will reappear at fixed spawn points after a while, like gliders at their launch points.


Fast travel location aren't GTA garages, they don't store you vehicles for you if you leave them there.

There are some fast travel locations which have a respawning buzzer next to them, one example would be be the Ghale Homestead, after you purchase the appropriate upgrade.

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