How can I recover the pre-orbital stages of a spaceship in Kerbal Space Program? I'm trying to reduce my per-launch costs in the beginning of career mode.

I tried building my spaceship with radial stages each topped with a stayputnik and a pair of radial parachutes. I set the parachutes to deploy at the same time as the decouplers, and could see them deploy in the staging view during flight. I expected to see these pieces as either probes or debris in the tracking station, but they were never listed. The stacks are small enough (an LV-T45 and about an FL-T800s's worth of fuel) that 2 radial 'chutes should have been enough to bring them down safely. Is there a way to recover these pre-orbital stages?


The problem with this is that any on-rails object below 25km in Kerbin's atmosphere will be deleted, as it is assumed it burnt up/impacted. In order to recover stages, you will need a mod. The two major mods for this are StageRecovery and DebRefund. They both do the same thing, but StageRecovery has an in-game settings panel.

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