I am stuck at the Level 9 "Hai can has studio" puzzle being on BI[CG][GK]ER with 3 strokes left. Would love to have 'R' (ie. replace mode) but I don't have it. Did I miss it somewhere in the older levels?


I just re-read the original question. The correct answer is: Yes, r (replace mode) is in Level 4.

Vim-Adventures level 4 screenshot locating the r key

After that -- Level 9 "Hai can has stdio" -- I'll omit several editing tasks (since the original poster must have done those successfully) and skip to the last one.

  • After deleting the 5-lines block, you are on the 'I' in 'IZ'.
  • Use f C (no spaces) to get to your 'BI[CG][GK]ER' target with 3 keypresses remaining.
  • Use 2 r G to finish the edit.
  • A yellow key appears. Get back to solid ground with 17 B or whatever works for you.
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Just verified: 5~ should do the trick. (Hovering the cursor on the N and you should be good to go.)

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