I forgot to download a demo of a match on de_cache that I did really well in, now I've played enough matches that it's not in the "Your Matches" tab anymore:

Your Matches tab

As you can see, there's not an arrow to view matches before either. Is there a way to get that demo or is that match lost in the abyss?

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By my guesstimation that demo is gone forever. The Recent Matches tab displays demoes stored on a cloud, and most probably they are simply popped/deleted from the list as it overflows - Would be costly to allow an unlimited amount of storage space per user.

Your best bet would be to contact valve. I had no luck figuring out what they system entailed through google.

EDIT: It would seem that the .dem files might be time-based stored, not just popped when > num. Read more: How can I get a match demo that I can't download?

Might be that they do both! But if it's time-based, it could be possible if you contact valve that it is still in their systems and that they could give it to you.

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