I need help trying to find out how to get zombie pigmen from spawning in some areas in the nether like caves. I wanna know a quick and easy way to make them spawn where I want them to spawn in survival mode.

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There are several ways you can try to stop Zombie Pigmen from spawning in the nether by breaking their spawn rules:

  1. Place half-slabs on every spot you do not want them to spawn on.
  2. Replace the Netherrack or Soul Sand with glass, or any transparent material.*
  3. Make sure everything is 1-block high. (Though it'll then be nearly impossible to treverse around).

You can't do anything regarding light levels as Zombie Pigmen spawn in any light condition.

*You can do this to the surrounding area of an overworld portal to prevent them from spawning there.


Trapdoors on the tops of rooms also prevents them from spawning and still allowing travel.

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