The page in the steam store for Settlers 7 Deluxe Gold Edition says it includes all the DLC content

The Deluxe Gold Edition includes the original game fully patched and complete DLC content, plus free additional content:

  • 13 exclusive maps: 6 multiplayer maps and 7 single player campaigns.
  • A dozen new buildings. Including the Crypt, Order of Knights, Infernal mine.
  • Over 30 new locations. Including Field of Mandrake, Treasure Island, Pilgrimage site.
  • Castle forge elements allowing players to make their cities unique and customize their castles: 1 gate, 2 windows, 1 bay, 1 balcony and 1 gargoyle.

However, a little under that text there's a link to purchase the DLC content

Settlers 7 purchase information screenshot

So, does the game include the DLC or not? Is it referring to another DLC?
Also, I was unable to find "the original game" (the one that's not the Deluxe Gold Edition) in the store.

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    I think this could be better answered by the Steam Support Team.
    – Bobby
    Apr 8 '11 at 19:30

I'd guess that the DLC is just there for users who originally bought the "non-deluxe" game without all the DLC. I've seen Steam retire the original versions of games before, and just keep the special editions.

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    That makes sense, confirmation would be nice
    – juan
    Apr 8 '11 at 18:41

I found detailed information on the official page

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Gold Edition contains:

  • Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom full game
  • Settlers 7: DLC Pack 1
    • Three additional challenging multiplayer maps ("Battle of Tanholm"; "Tempest Taiga"; "Fiery Chasm")

  • Settlers 7: DLC Pack 2
    • Three additional 4-player-Maps ("Whitewater Falls"; "Twin Peaks"; "Grassland Mesa") for Skirmish, Multiplayer & Empire Mode.
    • Additional Event Location ("Tower of Tandria")
    • Additional Victory Point ("Pacifist"; "Economist"; Ascetic")
    • Additional Ecobuilding ("Order of Knights"; "Infernal Mines")

  • Settlers 7: DLC Pack 3
    • A Campaign Expansion ("Rise of the Rebellion") with 5 additional Campaign-Maps
    • A Scenario Expansion ("Shadow Over Tandria") with 2 additional gigantic Scenario-Maps


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