In some games there were cases when a tower was attacking a hero, and the hero would stop attacking and face a creep that's nearby, the tower would change target and start attacking the creep.

How to do this? Or is that a bug?

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Towers have a rather specific ruleset for determining who they're going to attack, as noted in http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Aggro.

They basically attack (in order):

  • An enemy unit or hero attacking a friendly hero with auto attack
  • Same attacking the tower with auto attack
  • Same attacking any friendly unit with auto attack
  • Closest enemy unit
  • Closest enemy hero
  • Closest enemy siege creep

The tower will switch to a new target if:

  • The tower can't attack it's current target (i.e., it runs away or is killed)
  • If an enemy hero or unit attacks a friendly hero
  • If an enemy hero currently targeted by the tower manually selects another enemy unit (so, the enemy hero currently being targeted targets one of their allies)

In those cases the tower will check the first list again for a new target, so what might have happened is the enemy hero selected one of their allies to attack to force the tower to switch to someone else.

  • That last one could use some additional explaining.. You mean simply clicking on an allied hero causes the tower to re-determine its target? or do I actually have to have control of the hero like in the case of a disconnected player, or a shared control situation?
    – alnafie
    Mar 5, 2015 at 13:11

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