I bought Destiny for my son show has XBOX 360 and it stays I need a hard drive. I inserted an 8GB flash drive to the XBOX and it still says I need a hard drive to play the game. Please help!! I tried transferring data to the flash drive and then play the game and it still didn't work.

  • How big is this xBox exactly?
    – user92092
    Commented Dec 28, 2014 at 1:51

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It seems USB sticks are not supported.

As mentioned on Xbox forum, on the game case there's a warning:

NOTE: Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required. USB Storage is not supported.

Also, official Xbox 360 game page on the second page of Overview states:

Hard drive required

There's a post on official Bungie forum as well:

You cannot run Destiny off of external flash drives/hard drives - regardless of storage space, it must be an officially supported hard drive from the console manufacturer.

So your best bet seems to buy an Xbox HDD. That prerequisite is most likely because of Destiny being online-only game with periodic updates, so it requires both good transfer speed and disk space (update before Dark Below was over 2GB for example).


you cant use a flash drive you need a xbox hard drive i had the same problem

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