Recently I added money to my steam wallet using my Visa card. Now on all my marketable items it says:

You've recently funded your steam wallet using PayPal or an unverified payment method that has had a recent increase in use. You'll be unable to use the market for a few days while the funds are verified. If nothing further occurs you'll be able to use the community market on 12/30/14 11 AM

This has never happened before and Visa is a verified payment method. Is this a problem that other people have faced or is it just me?

  • Have you added money to Steam using that specific Visa card before? – Studoku Dec 27 '14 at 15:03

This a problem that other people have faced. I have recently had the same issue on my dads steam account. That only happens if you change your payment method and it only applies to the Market, not the Store.

  • I haven't changed my payment method though.... – Bucky Dec 27 '14 at 9:30
  • Was it another visa card? – Davidenko Dec 27 '14 at 12:24
  • No I use two occasionally my friend uses his on my account (I give him the items he buys)but I use mine and his almost equally because we're roommates – Bucky Dec 27 '14 at 18:04

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