So the question is; I've now got an original Wii. If i play a VC-game on this, i understand that i can transfer this game onto a Wii U in "Wii-mode" if i buy this in the future. So far so good. I also know that i can download the game to "Wii U-mode" for a small fee. The big question is; will I be able to transfer the save-data that i already have for the game in "Wii-mode" onto the newly downloaded version on the "Wii U-mode"?

  • It's worth noting the same games available for the VC on the Wii are not necessarily available on the Wii U too. One big example is the Wii U doesn't have any N64 games.
    – challen
    Jan 16 '15 at 14:42

No. The answer is No. The VC games on the Wii U can not access the save game data of VC games within the Wii-mode environment and vice versa.

The VC game save data for games in Wii-mode can only be accessed by the VC games in Wii-mode.

So you'll need to restart your saves from scratch when you play the new Wii U VC copy.


Yes. According to Nintendo's What Is Transferred During the Wii to Wii U System Transfer Process? support page, the following data is transferred:

  • Wii Software Save Data
  • WiiWare and Save Data
  • Virtual Console titles and Save Data
  • Add-on Content
  • Wii Points
    • These points will be combined with the points on the target Wii U system, but cannot exceed a combined point total that would exceed 10,000 Wii Points.
  • Wii Shop Channel Account Activity
  • Mii Characters
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection data

According to the How to Transfer Content from a Wii to a Wii U support page, when you transfer content to the Wii U, it is removed/deleted from the Wii, so you'll only be able to play on the Wii U.

  • He was asking if Wii U titles can access the vWii data. It can't.
    – Hiccup
    Jul 12 '15 at 16:00

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