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I started a new survival world and switched to creative just to build my house. When I was done, I switched back to survival. But after I switched back, I found that even when I checked and aimed and held my click, I could not break or place blocks.

I am super sad because I built a huge house and now I can do basically nothing... How can I fix it?

I have tried switching modes and shutting my computer down, but nothing helps.

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It's either two things.

  1. It's a game bug and in that case email Mojang and report the problem
  2. You changed you controls accidentally, check your controls and look what "Mouse 1" does

Oh no. It can be more than two things.

  1. In normal (non-bugged) Minecraft, using Gamemode 2, also known as Adventure mode, makes you unable to break and place blocks. You just can't. This is how Gamemode 2 works. Check if you switched to /gamemode 2 instead of normal Survival mode which you can place blocks and break them normally, /gamemode 0.

  2. As Bucky said, go to your key bind settings and check if your "Break block" key bind and "Place block" key bind is changed. Usually, you left click to break a block, and you right click to place a block. So default key bind for "Break block" should be Button 1 and "Place block" should be Button 2.

  3. It can also be that YOUR MOUSE IS BROKEN (well, I THINK not).

  4. Bug. If it's a bug, see Bucky's answer.

Some of the concepts of this answer is from a thread in Minecraft Forums.

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