Ive seen many people be like '---- is a traitor' 'I'm with -----'

I can't for the life of me figure out how too do this? Do you look at somebody and press a key? Im new to GMOD so....

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To do this, you need to "bind keys".

Binding keys is the process of "binding" a function to a key, in other words, you specify a specific key, and then what you want to happen when you press that key.

Suit Zoom

By binding the Suit Zoom button to a key, (which in HL2 actually zooms in your view), you can select what you want to say from a list of options.

To do this:

  • Go to Options > Keyboard
  • Find Suit Zoom
  • Bind that to a key
  • Click Apply

Now while in TTT you can click that key and it will open a menu and you can use the number keys at the top of your keyboard to use it.

Binding Keys Manually

Use this if you want to specifically shout one thing, instead of a list of choices popping up.

To do this:

  • Enable the Developer Console by going to Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developers Console
  • Click Apply
  • Click ~ key at the top left of your keyboard (you may have to hold it)
  • type bind *key* "ttt_radio *command*"

A thing to remember is that the command itself, must be surrounded by "" as shown.

Change *key* to whatever key you want.
If you don't know key names (for eg. KP_INS), then goto your keyboard menu, by doing the below:

  • Goto Options > Keyboard
  • Choose any random bind to replace.
  • Replace it with your wanted key.
  • Remember what the binded key is (it will show you, and in my case, it will say KP_INS)
  • Replace it with the original key.

Then, all you have to do, is replace *key* in the console, with the remembered string.

Command List (replace *command* with these)

  • yes - Yes.
  • no - No.
  • help - Help!
  • imwith - I'm with name of player you are looking at.
  • see - I see name of player you are looking at.
  • traitor - name of player you are looking at is a traitor!
  • suspect - name of player you are looking at acts suspicious.
  • check - Anyone still alive?



As I recall: it was V or C, but that is just something I try to recall.

See the notes on the TTT help here, but the help states that they're unbound by default, so you can bind them by using (for example):

bind "v" "ttt_radio traitor"

Which types in chat when you press V: "(player you aim at) is the traitor!"

  • How do I bind them too a key?
    – Super0293
    Commented Dec 31, 2014 at 2:34
  • You type 'bind "v" "ttt_radio traitor"' in the console (use the tidle key (~) to open the console ingame, it may be required that you need to enable the console in the options menu)
    – Inferno IV
    Commented Dec 31, 2014 at 7:10

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