I'm stuck on Franklin's 'Grass Roots' mission and can't quit. I can't do a different mission or even do anything at all on the mission I'm stuck on. I stole the truck and walked around near it but nothing happened even after I drove to the location I needed to get to, and the same thing happens with the tow truck and broken car.

I am playing on the Xbox 360.


Make sure your actually driving over the waypoint it's set to, it's behind apartment blocks on the right side of the road, if you follow the waypoint

  • I am and I've done the YouTube tutorials on how to do the mission but I'm still stuck – Fang Jan 19 '15 at 3:51
  • Maybe the game is a little scratched or something? Try installing the game? – Spit2703 Jan 19 '15 at 11:05

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