I've been trying to figure out how many hours I've played the games on my Xbox One console, and I can't find an universal way to do so with the console's built-in software.

To contrast, the Steam application tells you how long you've spent running each game, and the 3DS's Activity Log and Wii U's Daily Log apps give you the same info and break it down by days weeks, and months. I can't seem to find anything similar on Xbox One, except for game-specific in-game counters (which are arguably more accurate, but not at all universal).

Have I missed a counter somewhere in the UI, or something?


Strangely, it doesn't seem like this information is available on the console itself.

I say strangely, because it is tracked and available to view under the "Achievements" page in the SmartGlass Companion application for tablets (at least, it is for the iOS version). But it doesn't appear to be visible anywhere on the console.

enter image description here

  • I verified that the Windows apps (Phone and 8) also display the time in each game under Achievements. It's very strange indeed that this info isn't on the console or Xbox.com... – Michael Ratanapintha Jan 5 '15 at 2:24

Starting with the February 2015 software update (which came out after I wrote the question and accepted TZHX's answer), this information is available on the console as part of each game's Game Hub.

Select the tile for the game you want to see info for, open the app options menu (for example, using the hamburger Menu button on the controller), and select "View game hub". From the game hub, choose "View leaderboards".

From the resulting view, you can see how much time you have spent playing the game, your progress toward earning all possible achievements for the game, and various game-specific statistics. You can also choose your Xbox Live friends who also play the game to compare their playtime and progress to your own.


I found it through constant searching. go to the friends tab and the choose a game (usually the ones displayed are those friends have played) after selecting the game, select view leaderboard, and your hours played as well as other progression stats for the game are shown in comparison to friends' stats.


Here's a simple answer: Select a game > Game Hub > Achievements. The play time should be there on the Windows 10 Xbox One update. :D


Now you have to menu click on the game, go to game club, then click on progress, which will show achievements, then scroll over to stats. I believe it only shows time played for XB1 games, not 360s.


It is possible on the one app I know for sure. I think it is possible on the Xbox too. Go into achievements and then select the game you want and then you scroll down to find one that says time played.enter image description here


I think this is only available for Xbox One games and not Xbox 360 games or Xbox Original games when viewed on the Xbox One.

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